Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Confession time: I have been a bit obsessed with the color green recently.  

Why am I so taken with it?  It might be because of the green I see every day outside my window, since the grass and the trees seem to be becoming more and more vibrant as summer wanes.  Or it might just be because I don’t actually own that much of it, and I’m determined to rectify such scarcity.  (I own one green sweater, and I think that's it...)

Whatever the reason, I have been thinking in shades of green.  And so, just for fun, here is a gallery of green just for you!

Here is a picture of one of my favorite trees, taken recently.  (I think it may be what started the green fixation in the first place...)

Here is, once more, the green that I see in the morning.  I have been finding myself excited to get out of bed every morning, just so that I can see this:

These are some silmarils that I made while on vacation with my parents...  Do you sense a theme?  (I believe I gave all of these to my mother, she liked them so much.  *grin*)

Here are some of my new bead acquisitions...  Yep!  Lots of green here.

Two pairs of earrings that I have made recently.  I actually made the green tiger-striped ones today, and they are currently my Favorite Pair of the Day (tm).  They are a bit more vibrant than the picture suggests, but it can't be helped.

And, last but not least, here are the two items that I posted on my store tonight.  The name I chose was Taste of Lime--yes, because of the color, but also because we went grocery shopping today, and I'm currently craving the Key Lime Pie yogurt that we purchased.  Yum!

Aaaaand the matching earrings:

So, lots of green!  It is a beautiful thing, and has been making me smile.

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