Monday, August 9, 2010

Dragon Teardrop

When I first made this set, I called it the Dragon Teardrop:

This, however, led to a rather interesting question: what makes a dragon cry?  They certainly don't strike me as the kind of creatures that would actually be moved to tears through sorrow. In order to post the set, though, I needed to come up with something.  And so, I sat around and contemplated it.  

Finally, I came up with this story, and it made me very happy:

Dragons, as a rule, do not cry. They rarely are moved to pity, and they are not known for being particularly sentimental.

That was why Helane despaired when she had a run in with a particularly disgruntled fairy in the Haunted Forest; due to a rather unfortunate culinary exchange, the fairy cursed her to only eat broccoli until she could make a dragon cry. Besides hating broccoli, Helane knew it was impossible to move a dragon to tears. Still, she knew that she had to try, or face a life full of green florets.

So, with loads of broccoli in tow (as much as she hated it, she had to eat something), Helane ventured into the High Mountains. It did not take long for her to find a dragon—or, rather, for a dragon to find her. Luckily for her, the dragon was in a fairly talkative mood; it did not eat her immediately, but rather cornered her and started a battle of wits.

Helane was never good at word duels, so she tried the direct approach. She told the dragon of her curse, and tried to move it to pity. The dragon, for its part, did not cry.

It did, however, laugh.

Helane was indignant, but there was no stopping the dragon. It found the thought of a curse-induced broccoli diet was extremely amusing. She sat there, humiliated and fearful, until she noticed something rather strange. The dragon, in its mirth, had started to tear up from laughing. A single black tear welled up, and then fell down its scaly cheek, splattering on the ground beneath it.

The dragon was so amused that it then flew off, leaving her behind in awe. Not only was she still alive, but her curse had been lifted. 

She had gotten a dragon to cry.


Disclaimer: May it be known that I actually like broccoli.  The whole purpose of this story was to be light and humorous, and a little clever.  No offense was meant to broccoli, other similar vegetables, people who enjoy eating said vegetables as their sole source of nutrition, or dragons who think that such a story is absolutely ridiculous in the first place.

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