Thursday, June 24, 2010

Treasure Hunt Success!

One thing I love doing is finding interesting earrings.  

I search high and low for them--just like I am known to sniff out beads when in coffee houses or home improvement stores.  I am pretty picky about my earrings, too--they can't be too heavy, for instance, and I prefer them not to be tacky.  (Although some may debate that there are appropriate times for giant sequined turtles with sunglasses.)

Most of the time, I just like finding them for myself (you know, to wear), but every once and awhile I will find some that just beg to be dangled from a hairstick.  Rest assured, most of the time I make my own dangles...  but some earrings just need to be put on a hairstick.  That's what I did with these sticks, after all:

(Those are my Fish Scale hairsticks, which have actually sold...  the full listing can be seen here:  Pardon the blatant self-referencing--I was just so happy with how they turned out!  *grin*)

Anyway, the whole reason I brought any of this up is because I have recently come across another pair of earrings that I'm itching to make into hairsticks.  Imagine my delight when, in the store, I came upon these little numbers:

Here, have a closer look...

Aren't they darling?  Honestly, little dangling owls!  *coos*  I will love them and hold them and name them George!  

...or something.

I have always been found of owls, and even more so since reading Kathryn Lasky's Guardians of Ga'hoole series a few years ago.  I even heard an owl outside this evening, bustling awake after a long day of rest.

So, my plan is this:  as soon as I unpack all of my beads (which are still in boxes from the recent move), I'm going to make owl sticks!  Yep, sticks with cute little dangling owls!  I already have ideas of what different beads I'm going to use...  oh, the possibilities!  *happy sigh*

It's been a good day.

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