Monday, January 11, 2010

Three Posts, Three Pictures - #1

Tonight, I have a lot of pictures that I want to share.  To do so, I'm going to separate them into three different posts.

Here, we have a custom order that I made for someone at work*.  She saw a necklace that I was wearing that I had made, and got very excited about its design.  Using that design as a springboard, she told me the length that she wanted and the colors that she wanted.  I went to work, and got it right on the first try!  When I took it in to her the next day, she was so excited that she started wearing it right away.  It definitely looked stunning against the white shirt she was wearing...  It was extremely gratifying.

And so, here it is (design name still pending):


* - Actually, this is a copy of a custom order that I made for someone at work.  I gave her the necklace that I made for her before I could take pictures of it.  However, I had the same components lying around, and decided I liked it so much that I made a copy for myself.  It really is simply stunning!

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