Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lovely things

Recently, I have been trying to focus on lovely things.  It's one of my ways to keep my mind and heart filled with the beauty of the world.

Here are a few that made it onto my list.

~ Snow falling against a darkened sky, and the quiet hush that it brings
~ Ducks standing on top of frozen ponds
~ Silence, and a time for quiet
~ Seeing a friend after a long time
~ The feeling of holding a crisp, brand new book
~ The feeling of holding an old, well loved book (it’s like visiting a good friend)
~ Warm and dry feet
~ The swirling of layers of warm skirts
~ Light glinting off of glass
~ Being cuddled and held close by someone you love
~ A hot beverage on a cold day
~ Chocolate
~ Translucent leaves
~ An alert and clear mind
~ Having someone you love say your name
~ Birds chirping in the winter
~ Having money to buy a gift for someone
~ Plush dragons
~ Cinnamon
~ Soft scent of vanilla
~ Breathing deeply and calmly
~ Soft and fuzzy purple sweaters

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