Monday, July 20, 2009


Welcome to my blog!

I just recently decided to start this blog as a companion to my Etsy store, Why? Mostly because I wanted to show off some of the new ideas that I have been playing around with, yet am not ready to list on my store. My plan is to catalog those ideas here--and I'm sure other things will find their way here as well.

About my store...

The whole idea behind my store--and, subsequently, this blog--is to display was I call the "artifacts of my imagination." What do I mean by that? Well, an artifact can be defined as "an object produced or shaped by human craft." In other words, it just means something that I have personally created. An artifact of my imagination, therefore, simply means that it is a physical representation of what is in my mind.

For the most part, that means stories. And, believe me, I have a lot of stories in my head! Day dreams and sleeping dreams, inspirations, word combinations that tickle my thoughts with possibilities... they fill my journals and emails and random scraps of paper, written with whatever writing implement I have available. (Pen, pencil, crayon, highlighter, white-out... I can be quite resourceful.)

So, I figure I will have a little bit of each here... some story ideas, some pictures of current projects. Whatever I end up posting, hopefully this glimpse into my ideas will be refreshing and enjoyable--perhaps even spurring some dreams of your own.

Thank you for looking. I am happy to share my world with you!

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