Thursday, July 23, 2009

Custom Orders - Cloudblossoms and Flower Garland

These are two of the custom orders I made for my mother while on vacation in June.

Custom Order - Cloudblossoms

Artifact Analysis:

Much of the Plains Kingdoms is comprised of rolling fields that extend for miles. While much of this land is cultivated for food production, there are parts that remain untouched. In these expanses, there are patches of fluffy white flowers that ripple and wave in the wind. Officially called Anesthi koravios, they are nicknamed Cloudblossoms; amidst the plains, these flowers truly look like scattered summer clouds.

Made of white flowers fashioned out of glass, this necklace and earring set pays tribute to these beautiful Cloudblossoms. Light and airy, they will ad just the right touch of summer cloud to any outfit.

Custom Orders - Flower Garland

Artifact Analysis:

In the valley at the base of the High Mountains, there are beautiful yellow and white flowers that grow during the summer. These flowers are plentiful and brilliant in their sun-shaded hue, and it is no wonder that they are considered a staple part of summer.

Besides brightening picnics, these flowers are also a key part of the Grand Festival, held on Midsummer Day. In the morning, women of all ages go into the fields and pick handfuls of flowers, and then plait them into hair-garlands. Then, at noon when the sun is high, they give the garlands to their mothers, to be worn in pride for the rest of the celebrations.

This beautiful necklace, crafted of yellow and white glass, is made in this tradition. A gift from daughter to mother, this flower garland is for her neck, not for her hair.

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