Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Listing: Secret Grove Hairstick

For tonight, a brand new listing! A hairstick to match the already listed earrings and necklace.

Secret Grove - Hairstick

Monday, July 27, 2009

New Listing!

JoyFruit - Earrings!

Listing found here:

...I know I haven't posted/listed anything for a few days here. In my defense, I am currently in the process of reorganizing my creative space. With the addition of a new work table and more shelf space, I am attempting to make everything both neater and easier to use. Slowly it's coming back together, and I can't wait until it's done! *dances*

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Custom Orders - Cloudblossoms and Flower Garland

These are two of the custom orders I made for my mother while on vacation in June.

Custom Order - Cloudblossoms

Artifact Analysis:

Much of the Plains Kingdoms is comprised of rolling fields that extend for miles. While much of this land is cultivated for food production, there are parts that remain untouched. In these expanses, there are patches of fluffy white flowers that ripple and wave in the wind. Officially called Anesthi koravios, they are nicknamed Cloudblossoms; amidst the plains, these flowers truly look like scattered summer clouds.

Made of white flowers fashioned out of glass, this necklace and earring set pays tribute to these beautiful Cloudblossoms. Light and airy, they will ad just the right touch of summer cloud to any outfit.

Custom Orders - Flower Garland

Artifact Analysis:

In the valley at the base of the High Mountains, there are beautiful yellow and white flowers that grow during the summer. These flowers are plentiful and brilliant in their sun-shaded hue, and it is no wonder that they are considered a staple part of summer.

Besides brightening picnics, these flowers are also a key part of the Grand Festival, held on Midsummer Day. In the morning, women of all ages go into the fields and pick handfuls of flowers, and then plait them into hair-garlands. Then, at noon when the sun is high, they give the garlands to their mothers, to be worn in pride for the rest of the celebrations.

This beautiful necklace, crafted of yellow and white glass, is made in this tradition. A gift from daughter to mother, this flower garland is for her neck, not for her hair.

New Listing - Midnight Carnival

Midnight Carnival - Hairstick

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Custom Orders from Vacation - An Overview

While on vacation back in June, I had the wonderful opportunity to sit and just create for hours on end. It was absolutely lovely! It was both relaxing and exciting just to let the creativity flow. (Now all I have to do is figure out how to do that when back in the workday grind...)

I came up with some beautiful things during that time--many of which were for my mother. She wanted some new necklaces that were just the perfect length (she prefers 16" as opposed to the standard 18"), and was having trouble finding them. So, we decided to collaborate. First, we trundled off and went bead-hunting together. At the store, she picked out the ones that she likes. Then when we went home, I got to work!

These are the results: six necklaces and matching earrings.

Once home, I also created stories for each set--which I will be posting here soon. One of these may actually already look familiar--I made the black and green set to list on my store (called the Piper's Song). I also made one for myself--a bit short, to act as a choker.

Overall, I am very pleased!

Secret Grove - New Listing

Secret Grove - Necklace and Earrings

Found here: and

...I had a great deal of fun coming up with the name for the type of tree that bears these copper leaves. I now want an Eldemed tree.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Explanation: Story Location and Disclaimer

In almost every item that I post, I include the following disclaimer:

"Please note that most stories told here--unless otherwise stated--are my original ideas. They are part of a larger work that I am writing and planning on publishing. As such, I would appreciate that thet be treated as just that--my intellectual property. ... I greatly appreciate your cooperation!"

Why do I include this disclaimer?

Well, as the above states, the stories that I include on my store (and also here) are tied into a larger story that I am currently working on. While most of my main characters will not appear in these posted snippets, there is one extremely important aspect that does: the location.

Where do these stories take place?

Unless otherwise specified, these stories take place in a world called the Landus Fantasticus--or, colloquially, the Land of Happily Ever After. There are five main regions in this land: the desert, the plains, the forests (both the enchanted forest and the haunted forest), the sea and its coast, and the mountains. Each region is divided into the subregions, all of which have a distinctly different, rich, and deep cultural tradition. These regions are what provide the backdrop to the stories that I connect with my physical creations--as well as my novel.

I do not think that posting things, either here or on my store, compromises the integrity or well-being of the story I wish to publish. I would not post them otherwise. However, I do request that everything here be treated as my intellectual property. That is, after all, a decent and expected courtesy when an artist shares their work. Along those lines, I will also do my best to give credit for those ideas that are not mine--to extend that same courtesy to others.

And, so, there you go. For those of you who were curious, that is an explanation of why I include a disclaimer, as well as a glimpse into the Landus Fantasticus.

Tonight's Listings!

Three lovely offerings for tonight...

Fire-berry Earrings
Inspired by C.S. Lewis, and Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Found here:

Ice Fruit Earrings
I made a pair of these earlier that sold, so I thought it about time to make another pair. Woo!

Cobalt and Blue Hairstick
I mad this to match the already posted earrings.

I hope you enjoy!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Just Listed...

InkFlower Hairsticks and Earrings...

Listing and story found: and, respectively.


Welcome to my blog!

I just recently decided to start this blog as a companion to my Etsy store, Why? Mostly because I wanted to show off some of the new ideas that I have been playing around with, yet am not ready to list on my store. My plan is to catalog those ideas here--and I'm sure other things will find their way here as well.

About my store...

The whole idea behind my store--and, subsequently, this blog--is to display was I call the "artifacts of my imagination." What do I mean by that? Well, an artifact can be defined as "an object produced or shaped by human craft." In other words, it just means something that I have personally created. An artifact of my imagination, therefore, simply means that it is a physical representation of what is in my mind.

For the most part, that means stories. And, believe me, I have a lot of stories in my head! Day dreams and sleeping dreams, inspirations, word combinations that tickle my thoughts with possibilities... they fill my journals and emails and random scraps of paper, written with whatever writing implement I have available. (Pen, pencil, crayon, highlighter, white-out... I can be quite resourceful.)

So, I figure I will have a little bit of each here... some story ideas, some pictures of current projects. Whatever I end up posting, hopefully this glimpse into my ideas will be refreshing and enjoyable--perhaps even spurring some dreams of your own.

Thank you for looking. I am happy to share my world with you!